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The twists and turns of government controlled media

The idea of writing a progressive column may sound strange to conservative readers but please read on. This kind of model can only happen online and on a daily balanced basis. At Ministry of Leadership and Communications the group of trained writers; producers; pastors and entrepreneurs, have written and lived out mission statements that leave no room- for cream or tweaking. The thought process develops in ways we cannot predict and when reviewing media our knee-jerk reaction is to pick and critique with little or no love in-between the lines. In fact the current legal and political system's creative process is 1. Campaign; 2. Compromise and 3. Control. It doesn't spell out positive change, as originally sold; but is useful in the Nixonian approach of media arm twisting that forces change, like a communistic dictator who undermines previous leaders to deflect blame. The mainstream goes along with it; the polls direct the ship and we are all in deep yogurt as a result. Does this kind of correction belong in a column of media that feeds culture? It does and here is the reason, The current political climate of bait and switch is being paid forward by the mainstream media.

The media campaign to deceive and mislead

The campaign infects the airwaves, the broadband; the artist and the journalist and the only thing that we can be sure of is that there will be no change in strategy as long as the process is to 1.campaign; 2. compromise (when you have no principle or values compromise is easy.) 3. Control (the banks, the jobs, the media and the way things get reported.) The identity of the problem should not surprise any of us and the corruption that exists for election control is what is commonly known as deceit. It goes across political party lines and it infects the system of checks and balances that is designed for accountability. The root cause of the disease of artificially forced power can be found in 1. Biblical illiteracy 2. Religious fervor 3. Man-made progressive liberalism.

A better way of leadership

Servant leadership is designed for servant leaders to represent and serve the people. In every mission statement that our business and ministry leaders have sweated over there has been little emphasis on the idea of foundational cement that when dry can start to frame our values, allowing for building and rebuilding of structure; designing new strategies and renewing our minds and hearts in the process. These are areas that have been discussed at the Ministry of Leadership and Communications. We build on a solid foundation, yet we remain correctable; challenged in new areas, and usher in real and genuine change that can build up and empower others. The Pharisees built their frame on fear and guilt and that is how they portrayed and represented God. Correction; challenge and change can be taken in six ways. We can correct with critique absent of love or we can lovingly correct without fear of retribution. We can challenge by fear of lawsuit, being fired; or by guilt and shame, audit or character assassination, or we can help one another by enabling and empowering one another to give our all for the cause of Christ. That is the kind of change that compels people. Humility; servant leadership by public servants and by media professionals who manage their public and private lives by being genuine and integrating their minds with their hearts; and their policies with their faith.

Merging cleverness with stupidity and shopping

It seemed brilliant the idea factory merging with the media group. The brand merging with experience and creating the brand experience. But as Solomon tells us "There are no new ideas under the sun- except maybe for Sun Chips." Mideas as it turns out is an upstart company from the UK. Based on common interests such as "ethnicity; gender, culture, lifestyle and sexual orientation." The groups get together much like they do here at Meet-ups to encourage, mentor, and play checkers if that is the desire. The best part of Midea is the branding statement, "Your brand, your ideal life and our future." For without this diverse shopping, consumer, lifestyle, the future is just not worth it!

Midea and Uridea = Usidea

This is not a pigeon language so do not adjust your television sets. W sat up with a dictionary and fused some words when we were looking for some names for media that we could fracture. Part of the process is to take those names and do a Google search. That is when Midea (pronounced My-deah) showed up and the explanation to this shopping network piqued our interest. Could it be that Ques-idea the cheesy snack on a tortilla could have come from? Probably not- but when you work with words all day anything can happen. The main point is that there are bad ideas that can come from a brainstorm both my and your idea. And thankfully you and I slept this idea off.

Heart and Mind Media -Vantage point

The heart alone is a deceitful thing but fused with the mind and our actions it can lead to correction of our vantage points; it can challenge what the media feeds the culture; and it can change our views. Communication is how express ourselves; our thoughts and words and what we do and what we fail to do. There is a cure for what ails us and one of the sponsors for this column is Vantage point is subscribed to this prescription a good place to talk about what is on your heart and mind. Go to

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