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Middlemarch...I will make it through


I'm about two-thirds through "Middlemarch" and I'm starting to believe I'll actually make it through this 515-page book with small type and long pages. It's not the book is bad, it's just tedious. And there are a lot of characters...a whole town, really. A lot of talk about politics and banking. But there are shining moments and about 170 pages in (the end of chapter 27), it really starts to pick up. You know the characters a little better and start to get a feel for the pace and themes.

Quick story: I was on the bus reading "Middlemarch" and an older man commented on it, asking how far I was in it. I told him more than halfway and he then proceeded to spoil a big moment that I hadn't yet reached. The fun of public transit!

But I digress...I'm glad that the story is starting to pick up because I've heard great things about it and I need to finish it by Tuesday for my class. Will report back when finished.

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