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Middle school status

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The 6th through 8th grades are in middle school category. These are a difficult group of students to teach since their teenage status is froth with hormones and low self-esteem.

The demand of teaching
Similar to kindergarten teachers, middle school teachers are a special bred. This level of teaching requires extreme tolerance. A good middle school teacher has to be able to teach the hormonal students who are progressively moving toward cognitive thinking. This is not an easy task since these students believe they know everything.

Math problems
As these students sit in their classroom they learn advance pre-algebra concepts, basic algebra and geometry. Teachers also adapt math problems to ever day life.

Must reading
“Reading assignments are intense”, expressed a middle school student. “It’s cool though, I like reading some of the books”. Middle school students are reading books like The Count of Monte Cristo and Little Women. The reading list is extensive so if your child is not reading a book or two a week check the backpack, maybe the books got caught in the seams. Check out this website for a list of must read for middle school students.

Frequent writing
Writing 3-page book reports and research paper is standard. Most middle school students express displeasure when teachers inform them of the classroom expectations. The good news is that as middle school students complete these assignments they become better writers.

Hormones or not middle school students must learn and difficult or not teachers must teach them. That gauntlet is eagerly taken up by many teachers.

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