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Middle East terrorists and Mexico cartel ties confirmed in exclusive interview

A man shout slogans as christian groups gather to protest against the ongoing violence  in Iraq and Syria by ISIS fighters in Berlin, Germany.
A man shout slogans as christian groups gather to protest against the ongoing violence in Iraq and Syria by ISIS fighters in Berlin, Germany.
Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Two men, one with direct knowledge of Mexican cartel operations and the other an informer to law enforcement intelligence with ties to the Muslim community in south central Texas, met Wednesday to compare their notes on the potential danger of foreign terrorists entering the United States from Mexico.

Diane Foley receives a hug following a special mass in remembrance of her son James Foley at Our Lady of the Rosary Church for August 24, 2014 in Rochester, New Hampshire. Foley was recently executed by ISIS Islamic militants in Syria, with the militants
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Each man, who is identified by made-up names to protect their real identities, did not know the other and met for the first time on September 3, 2014 in San Antonio by invitation of Headlines News Examiner Jack Dennis.

Both men had proved to be reliable sources of information in the past. With recent news reports indicating Islamic terrorists could be planning some type of an attack or event in the U.S., the two agreed discuss their knowledge with Examiner.

“I know that warriors, or military types, from the Middle East have been coming into Texas through our Mexico border for months with the intent to do some harm to Americans,” claimed Tony, who was born in the Middle East and is now a U.S. citizen. “There is no doubt they traded weapons and paid cartels large amounts of money to help with entree by way of their smuggling routes, operations and protection.”

“Yes, these Islamic guys teach and train the cartels different tactics of warfare and how to use the weapons,” agreed Carlos, a 30-something former cartel gang member who still has family members involved with Mexican gangs. “The one thing they have in common is they cut heads off and hang people to try and scare people and force their ways on people.”

Carlos indicated that the intent was to move as much control, people and resources into the U.S. to “make things easier for their drug and smuggling” operations.

“They use money to buy up politicians, policemen, border agents, and businesses across the (Texas side) border so they can get their drugs, prostitutes, and whatever they want in-and-out quicker and safer,” Carlos continued. “This makes it more easy if someone, like from Pakistan or Syria or wherever wants to come to the United States, they can pay the cartels to do that.”

Tony mentioned a report that he read about in the Examiner in September 2011 entitled “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment,” an independent study by former U.S. generals Barry McCaffrey and Major-General Robert Scales.

“When I read that these retired generals did a military calculation about the Mexico-Texas border and called it ‘war zone’ after their assessments, I knew we were in trouble,” Tony explained. “I was frustrated that law enforcement wasn't taking this serious enough and that was when I originally got in touch with”

“The violence and ongoing threat to our security reflect a change in the strategic intent of the cartels to move their operations into the United States,” said Maj. Gen. Robert Scales (Ret.) in the report. “American cities and rural areas now have Latin American drug, gun and human smuggling cartels operating inside our borders.”

Their findings indicated citizens living and working in a Texas border county was equivalent to living in a warzone. Law enforcement agencies, civil authorities, journalists and citizens are in continuous and growing danger of attack as “criminality spawned in Mexico is spilling over into the United States.”

Tony noted that the report called the closest counties to Mexico a “sanitary zone” use to escape Mexican law enforcement and provide an area of safe movement for drug smugglers and human traffickers, much like Carlos explained.

Six of seven cartels established operational headquarters in various Texas cities during 2010-2011, according to testimony from the Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McGraw in 2011.

“All of these cartels are very sophisticated and are run like a military or a business,” Carlos outlines. “They have five or six levels of people on their payroll who are all experts to make sure they can get these people and whatever else they want like weapons or drugs to get into the U.S. cities because they can sell it in San Antonio, Austin, or Houston for big, big profit.”

Tony indicated his resources, within the local Muslim Community, talk about how they are infiltrating our cities.

“The Mexican cartels operate all over Texas, in our streets, neighborhoods, and businesses,” Tony explained. “The Islamic use the cartels and the cartels use the Islamic as long as they grow their businesses, make money and expand their control.”

“It’s all bigger than most people think,” Tony continued. “The FBI, police and law enforcement know it’s bad because it’s their business, but the average American has no idea how they recruit our families, even inside our prisons they recruit the toughest, meanest people they can to do their toughest jobs.”

“I have family who stayed with the gang,” said Carlos. “Everybody knows they can get who and what they want into Texas and many people know they have been working with people from other countries who want to get here.”

“They also know that now is the time to do it because of all the people from Honduras and what-not who have come in this year and just overwhelmed the border agents and everyone” Carlos continued. “Their equipment, weapons, grenades and ammunition is getting more high-tech. Where do you think they are getting those from?”

“There are more and more whispers and meetings and Middle Eastern talk in this area and within the Islamic community’s leadership about something going down,” claimed Tony. “And I am afraid, very afraid it is not going to be good for America.”

“I am not going to tell you the details of what I told law enforcement,” Tony stated. “But I am going to tell you that if our government, Homeland Security, military, police, border agents and congress do not take this seriously we are going to pay for it dearly in both money and lives.”

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