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Middle East: How do you think the Bergdahl caper is playing?

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Middle East: How do you think the Bergdahl caper is playing?

Our enemies and detractors have got to love watching the American government riding off the tracks again over the Taliban exchange. The Taliban won the exchange several ways:

  1. Taliban top commanders are free.
  2. Obama is desperate to escape from Afghanistan.
  3. The American government is visibly divided.
  4. American Middle East foreign policy is in shambles.
  5. Pacifists are in charge.

To this analyst, there is too much transparent divisiveness. There is too much airing of dirty linen. This must stop. It isn’t good nor effective to parade cabinet secretaries back and forth to the Hill over foreign policy matters that are better worked out below the radar. In a democracy, however, our failings are most transparent.

“Hagel to Defend Bowe Bergdahl Swap
Defense Secretary Expected to Make Strong Case for Prisoner Exchange on Wednesday

Updated June 9, 2014 9:34 p.m. ET
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to vigorously defend the swap that freed Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl when he goes before a House committee Wednesday, in what is seen as a critical opportunity to allay political controversy over the trade.
Pentagon officials said Mr. Hagel would make a strong case for the May 31 swap that released five Taliban officials in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl and how it was handled by the Obama..”,7,121,122,201,401,641,1009