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Angry protests that began last Tuesday over an anti-Islam film have now spread across the Muslim world. On Friday, demonstrators scaled the walls of U.S. embassies in Tunisia and Sudan and burned a portion of a German embassy. Islamic militants waved black banners shouting "God is great" while forcibly entering an international peacekeepers base in Egypt's Sinai.

It appears President Obama's strategy to win the hearts and minds of Middle Eastern and Northern African Muslims beginning with his now famous "We're your buddies" speech three years ago in Cairo is history.

Egypt's new Muslim Brotherhood president who Obama supported after long time U.S. ally, President Hosni Mubarak was tossed aside, went on national TV and “appealed” to Muslims not to attack embassies.

It appears, if he was ever sincere, it was a case of too little, too late.

President Mohammed Morsi also denounced the violence earlier this week in Libya that killed four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador. His first public effort to corral the organized protesters only came after days of near silence.

Morsi was called on the carpet apparently by a befuddled President Obama who more than likely told him the billions of foreign aid dollars the United States sends Egypt would dry up if he didn't make nice with us.

It appears we have replaced one dictator, who remained our ally with the foreign aid, with another who takes it and hates us. I wonder which one the Israelis would take right about now?

Shades of post Shah of Iran in 1979? Post Jimmy Carter in 2012?

Throughout the region, security forces struggled to rein in protesters. The U.S. ordered a Marine unit to Yemen in hopes of restoring order there. Two destroyers appeared off the Libyan coast and Marines were dispatched there.

The demonstrators throughout the region claimed they were mad as hell because of an obscure video produced in the United States that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad. That led (yeah, sure) to a week that saw assaults on the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Yemen and the storming of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The heaviest violence came in Sudan, where a prominent sheik on state radio urged protesters to march on the German Embassy to protest alleged anti-Muslim graffiti on mosques in Berlin and then to the U.S. Embassy to protest the film.

At least they hate other countries too in this mindless violence. Or is it?

The attack on the peacekeepers base in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula raised the dangerous prospect of armed Islamic militants exploiting the turmoil to carry out attacks on Western targets. The base near the border with Gaza and Israel houses some 1,500 members of the multinational force, including American troops.

Meanwhile, an apologetic Secretary of State Clinton stumbled through a denouncement of the movie no one knew about until the violence erupted bringing back memories to those who can remember Neville Chamberlain appeasing Hitler in Munich in 1938 - one year before the start of WWII.

Egypt's Morsi flaunted his TV address to cool down the crowds saying, "it is required by our religion to protect our guests and their homes and places of work."

Huh? Gee thanks.

By some “coincidence,”the speech came after President Barack Obama had a chat with Morsi by phone. The Obama administration had “been angered” by the slow response of Morsi to the unprovoked attacks.

As Hitler promised in Munich, Morsi promised it wouldn't happen again.

It appears that some U.S. diplomats are "stunned" by the new Muslim Brotherhood's president. They appear to have no clue as to the pressures Morsi faces with Egypt's powerful ultraconservative Islamists.

Where have they been?

The Obama administration continues their policies of apologies followed by empty threats while thousands all over the Middle East and North Africa scream “Death to America” and “Allah is Great.”

All that is missing in this befuddled American policy is Obama waving a piece of paper and proclaiming “Peace in or time”

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