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'Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor' set to release October 7th according to trailer

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor rumored for October 7th release
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor rumored for October 7th release
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor rumored for October 7th release (photo via

A new trailer making the rounds might have the official release date of the highly anticipated Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor pegged at October 7 2014, according to a video found by XGN.

The trailer dives right in to the story and motivation of the main character, Talion, a ranger character similar to Aragorn who possesses wraith-like abilities to confuse, intimidate, and ultimately dispatch his enemies. The story looks to see our hero gain vengeance on those that killed his family and appears as though his wraith abilities are a fusion of himself and another warrior, perhaps shedding light on some narrative that as yet has not been detailed.

The trailer also shows that Talion will have a wardrobe at his disposal, revealing that a preorder now reserves the "Dark Ranger" outfit, reminiscent of Garett's gear from the recent Thief game. While there are no details as to what benefits the different outfit may pose, what outfits will be available, or any other details regarding inventory and outfitting, it should help to know that players will certainly have control over some aesthetic elements at the least.

No official comment has been received from Warner Brothers regarding the release date in the way of a confirmation, and as of now the date and trailer should still be considered rumor until officially verified. With the somewhat premature and covert nature of the leak, it's safe to assume more news will follow shortly, stay tuned!

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