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Middle Class Dilemna

The death of the middle class is not breaking news. It has been in the media since 2006. So what’s the big deal about discussing it now? The recent article on LinkedIn “10 Reasons You Have to Quit Your Job in 2014.” The middle class is shrinking; their regular paycheck is now a question mark rather than an escalation point. The regular paycheck is no longer a certainty.

The perception of job security has changed in recent years. The last decade or two have shown a marked decrease in corporate loyalty to employees and in employee confidence in their job security. Not only is the corporate promotion escalator broken but the job itself is uncertain. Outsourcing, downsizing and staff consolidations have seen numerous executives pounding the pavement and dialing for interview opportunities. Far too many individuals who expected to cruise into retirement are now finding themselves scrambling without the certainty of the regular paycheck. Job security and a guaranteed retirement is no longer a reality.
What is the Alternative?

Creating your own small business may be the answer. There are over 22 million self-employed small businesses in the United States. 65% of the net new jobs since 1995 have been created by small businesses. Approximately 543,000 new businesses get started each month.
Could starting your own small business be an option for you? Starting a side business part time as a security net against a potential job loss may be a viable alternative.


1. You can select a business part time or full time which fits your interests, skills and your lifestyle. You will determine your own duties, time frame to work and even your office location. You might even be working from home in comfy clothes.

2. You will have job security. You won’t lose your job unless you fire yourself.

3. How much you earn is strictly up to you; there is no wage ceiling on self-employment.

4. Your extra income can become a retirement cushion, emergency fund, play money or investment account.

5. You can select your own health insurance plan which fits your needs.


1. You make all decisions and live with the results – good or “why did I do that?”

2. Starting a new business is likely to involve a learning curve. Learning and growing is always good, but it can be challenging.

3. You will not have a regular paycheck. Your income will fluctuate.
Starting your own business either part time or full time offers the opportunity for additional income even though it is not a regular paycheck. When you are your own boss, you do have job security. The potential exists for either additional income or unlimited income; the choice is in your control.

Regardless of your choice of business, income level, or energy investment, starting a side business can be a viable option in an uncertain economy. You do not have to be a casualty of the shrinking middle class; you have alternatives.

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