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Middle Child can watch Miracle Baseball Game for Free

Miracle Baseball Field
Miracle Baseball Field

Today, August 12, is National Middle Child's Day and middle children are going to receive special treatment right here in Fort Myers, Florida. If you are a middle child and would like to be treated like royalty for a change, grab your mitt and head over to JetBlue park tomorrow and let tell the man at the gate that your a middle child and get in to the game for free.

Wednesday, which is "like the forgotten middle child of the week," said Miracle General Manager Andrew Seymour, will be a big day at JetBlue park for middle children who are being called "forgotten child." A middle child will be given a special edition I.M.C.U member card for free. This card gives members access to all rights and privileges to I.M.C.U. members (which is none).

So, if you are looking for something to do tomorrow night and like free things, head out to JetBlue park and enjoy the game. The Miracles will be playing the St. Lucie Mets at 5:05 p.m. and then playing again 25 minutes after the first game is over. It is a going to be a special treat for all you middle children out there. Bruce Hopmen, founder of International Middle Child Union, said "this kind of recognition is a giant leap for middle child-king."

Doors open at 4 p.m. You can purchase tickets by calling (239) 768-4210 or online at or at the JetBlue Park team store tomorrow morning at 9. Regular tickets start at $6.50 today or $8.00 tomorrow. There are still plenty of seats available (as of 6:30 this morning). This can be a great family evening for a pretty good price, especially for your middle child.

For more information go to or email me here.

"Let's Play Ball"