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MidChix - the social network for women over 40


When Gretchen Seefried’s kids left for college she joined Facebook thinking it would be a good way to keep in touch. She fumbled around at first, posted something highly personal on her daughter’s wall not realizing the whole world could read it and finally decided to take a break from social networking. When her son departed for college the following Fall she though about giving it another try…until her sixteen year old son rejected her friend request telling her she was “too old” for Facebook and accused her of cyber-stalking. “I told him that maybe I’d just start my own Facebook and it would be exclusively for what he called “old women” like me.”

It turned out not to be an idle threat. After doing research Gretchen realized building a social network for women over 40 made sense.  “Women’s surest investments are our relationships with other women.  Women empower women, and by staying connected to each other, we strengthen ourselves, as well as the world at large,” she says. She assembled a team and launched MidChix in September of 2009.

MidChix is a website that provides social networking opportunities for women over 40. Their mission is to feed the needs of women to connect comfort, celebrate, confide, commiserate, brainstorm, and collaborate. The website itself offers rich content including profiles of inspiring women, interesting places, a “Greater Good” section focused on non-profit organizations, and a forum to share general ideas. MidChix also organizes offline activities for their members including a self-defense clinic and speaker series.

The site plans to support itself through advertising, connecting their highly targeted audience with special promotions from relevant businesses. “We are the healthiest, wealthiest, most independent, most active, most educated, and most politically and economically powerful generation of women in history,” Seefried says. Who wouldn’t want to connect with them?

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Hear Gretchen Seefried talk more about why she created MidChix.

You can join MidChix at

MidChix next event will be Sunday, May 2nd at Salon Tobie Urban Spa in Lowry from 12-5pm. Owner Tobie Rae Snyder will offer interesting and little known makeup tips as well as hair tips on hair health. Dr. Julie Marchiol of Ascent Health Center will talk about anti-aging, nutrition including hormonal issues. 


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