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Mid Term Quandary

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Why is it that legislatures all across the United States continually pass laws and issue mandates that are so contrary to the well being of the majority of citizens? They have been doing this now for far too long. Sure, the United States needed Health Care reform. But, not the way that this current Affordable Care Act was passed and administered, or the way the Veterans Administration is operating. In essence the Affordable Health Care Act is just another unfunded mandate that is imposed on an already financially strapped public that has divided an already divided nation. Before that, it was the legislation that mandated the television industry force citizens to either buy cable, dish network, buy other reception through various phone services or other for profit entities that provide the updated TV signals just to be able to watch television in our own homes. All this did was put, yet another unfunded mandate on our public. Today with an economy still on the brink is the fact that the majority of not only our senior citizens but the rest of the 99% are already on fixed incomes and in many cases have none at all. All these mandates have done is force so many now to come up with additional funds just to watch TV or obtain health insurance at a time when they can least afford it. These are only two examples of how our "most trusted" leaders of state ignore the publics concern and blatantly impose regulations that only benefit those making these policy decisions in the first place.

Even before this current economic crisis unfolded elected officials and corporate CEO's have always confounded the American citizens with their gross negligence and blatant disregard for the well being of the majority of the public. When the economic collapse of the financial, real estate and auto industries hit, all at the same time, was another indicator of just how far the powers that be can go in their never ending quest for more wealth, power, and control of the general public. Our whole economic system imploded just because of the fraudulent practices of businesses that was allowed and encourage by elected officials who also were going to be beneficiaries of the money grabbing corporate world. What has transpired within the past 35 years is an erosion so complete of the policies and values that once made the United States the most sought after country to emulate to one that today most countries have disdain and even pity on because of the choices and programs that under minded the American dream for so many Americans.

With mid term elections coming this fall is already turning out to be the most bias, corrupt, hateful, and generally the most obnoxious of them all. The United States citizens for the most part are being subjected to an onslaught of irrelevant TV adds that really are so obnoxious as they are misleading. The Republican and Tea Party members have continued their onslaught to divide this nation. Both parties are guilty of creating policies that completely ignores any regard for the general public. Total opposition toward each has been the rule of the day that has only intensified. Today, what we are seeing is a mistrust in our government that has reached to unprecedented levels. Compromise has not been invoked for a very long time. It was some 30 years ago where the two parties actually tried to negotiate workable solutions to the complex problems of the day.

What is cause for real concern here is the fact their are still real similarities that parallel what happened in 1929 that lead to the Great Depression and what is happening right now today. The biggest indicator of continued economic uncertainty is that CEO's continually reap rewards far exceeding what their companies have done or continue to do in spurring economic growth within the United States. When we have 1% of the population controlling over 95% of the wealth of the United States their is no way for every local city and town all across this country to ever have enough tax revenue coming in to support all the mandates and public services that are required. Budget short falls will only continue to escalate further. More unfunded mandates will only be imposed on the general public to try to compensate for the disastrous continuation of policies that continually erode the economies of local communities.

The United States has now the greatest and largest disparity gap between the rich and poor of any Industrialized nation. This is due to the economic policies that have transformed a once great middle class to an impoverished majority of citizens that continue to wallow in a continued cycle of economic decay. The indignation and contempt by our corporate world, our elected public officials, and the wealthiest 1% for the majority of Americans have rendered the United States almost incapable of restoring the economic stability from becoming a reality. The continuation of current policies will only continue and grow the current inequality.

Another example of corporations unyielding of policy in an unforgiving economic environment is the fact that just in Florida alone unemployment rates for individuals who are 40 and over far exceed those who are younger. This past year alone more than 70,000 older workers were forced into the unemployment rolls. Most are still too young to collect Social Security and to old to be considered for reemployment at the salaries that they once had. What other choice do they have but to try to exist on unemployment benefits and food stamps. Now with governmental cuts in both programs has only intensified the growing anxiety and economic plight of a once stable economy. If they are fortunate in securing any employment at all more than likely their income will never equate to be enough to live on. With so many people all across this nation falling from middle class incomes to the poorest is putting this nation deeper in debt because of the now increasing need for the Social Services that are in place to aid the poor. But when those programs themselves are gutted only further exasperates an already depressing economy. When a society that was once predominately middle class structure to now being subjugated to poverty levels while the wealthiest just get wealthier is the quickest way for our nations democratic government to fall.

Today, we are still seeing that allot of the people who have managed to get jobs again did not get jobs that pay as well or have the benefits that their previous job had. When we look at the employment figures today they really don't tell or relate the true nature of how disjointed our whole economy is. These people with new, but less financially rewarding jobs will not have the "discretionary" funds available to spend in the economy, which affects those manufacturing jobs. If people don't have extra money to buy products, the demand for those products will remain stagnant and so will the manufacturing workforce. The failure to realize the fulfillment of the Williams Theory of Economic Evolution by the majority of people is the greatest deterrent in revitalizing any economy.

The democratic principals that our Founding Fathers put forth in the Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence has become obsolete when government has allowed and evolved into a society whose level of inequality has become so grossly disproportional. The policies, the mandates, law and regulations imposed on the American Public in recent years has only exasperated the growing division and discrepancy in our society. Left unchecked not only by our elected officials but by the population of the United States will only encourage more encroachment by corporate America and government in totally eliminating the middle class and continue to exploit more of the American public.

The public must remember that in the Declaration of Independence their is mention of what the citizens have a right to do: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpation, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism; it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security" In summary it was Thomas Jefferson's descriptive narrative stating that if the government tends to destroy lives, liberties, and the happiness of the people: It is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and establish a new government. Under current conditions the Government has evolved into a self perpetuating form that only encourages more of an apathetic attitude from the general public and has reduced this nations ability to stop the decline of our society which contributes to more of an apathetic attitude that is sweeping across America. As a nation the public has forgotten that the United States Democratic Republic can only exist and flourish through and by and educated, informed, and "participating" public.

Today, our nation is faced with an unprecedented Educational Decay. We are now just beginning to realize the blunder of the educational revolution that occurred in the late 1960's and early 1970's has had on our society. Now with a renewed effort in education and more awareness of the general public of how this country has literally imploded within economically, socially, and morally it is the general public's obligation and right to change the course this country is headed so that our society will in fact face a more secure and brighter future.


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