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Mid-term elections and the Republicans are at it, again (Editorial)

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The mid-term primary elections are into full swing as early voting approaches its end on Friday, Feb. 28. As usual, the airwaves are jammed with campaign ads by rabid Republicans, more than eager to tear their opponents on either side of the aisle to shreds. Among the most vicious attackers are David Dewhurst, Ken Paxton via Ted Cruz as spokesperson in his behalf, Todd Staples, Eric Opiela, and Greg Abbott, to name a select few. What they appear to do more than untruthfully smear their opponents is waste untold amounts of dollars on useless negative political advertising campaigns. No one can even watch a prime-time program on live television in peace. Every commercial break is filled with Republicans attempting to push their falsified wares to potential voting viewers.

It quickly becomes apparent they do not expect the average American voter to know truth from artfully crafted manipulation. They hype up what they view as their less weak attributes — since their strong ones are absent — and downplay their weakest, while mendaciously exaggerating their opponents' routine, common-place human error in the form of barely concealed and transparent lies.

Republican short-comings and failures to protect and adequately represent the American public as was glaringly revealed six years ago and unmodified by their continuous acts against certain groups of American citizens from then on is fact. Americans do not have as short a memory as the GOP would wish they had, even though many of those Americans so desperately long for the Republican Party they used to know to magically reappear. However, despite what the talking heads like Abbott, Cruz, Dan Patrick, or Dan Branch — all Texas GOP politicians — say in the press and/or on-camera, they all know President Barack Obama is a tough act to follow. If they are re-elected, their best efforts will net them no more prestige in the opinion of sane eligible voters than they have enjoyed the past five-and-a-half years. That is what chafes them most, honestly. To proclaim, “Secure the border; fight Obama,” it is obvious that Republicans are more focused on their consumptive envy of President Obama than concerned that they might lose their race against their, most likely, more worthy opponents. So intent are they in "fighting Barack Obama," their ads seem to prove they forget the president is not their opponent in any of the races in which they claim to be running.

Fact is President Obama has a “long list of accomplishments (with citations),” according to a recent article on Addicting Info's website. What does the GOP have that they can supply valid citations to support? Another fact is voters will remember all this as they drop in to vote early between now and the early voting deadline on Friday.