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Mid-air window crack: Plane windshield cracks, prompts emergency landing

Mid-air window crack on Delta plane causes emergency landing.
Mid-air window crack on Delta plane causes emergency landing.
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

A mid-air window crack occurred when a Delta plane was at 38,000 feet altitude.The plane windshield crack prompted an emergency landing on a flight en route from Atlanta to Los Angeles Saturday, CNN reports May 6.

When the pilot noticed the crack, he immediately got on the aircraft's intercom and informed passengers aboard that there was going to be an emergency landing in Albuquerque. The pilot said that due to pressure, the windshield arched, bubbled, then shattered.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford, wrote this in an email:

"Our initial information was that the outside part of the windshield shattered but the interior part remained intact."

Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said wrote an email regarding the mid-air window crack, specifying that all windows and windshields are "at least double paned." Durrant added that this type of incident is "a rare occurrence but the established procedure is to divert."

No loss of cabin pressure happened during the flight and after the cracked windshield was discovered, the plane landed about 15 minutes after that. It had departed Atlanta at 9:49 a.m., ET, reported.

Passengers were said to be quite calm during the ordeal and the crew remained professional. Delta told passengers it would fly them to LA on another flight.

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