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Microwave Hot Holder

Hot holder
Hot holder
Hot holder

This project was created by a successful inventor. This makes projects 3 times as likely to be successful. The experience and knowledge gained from other projects gives one wisdom and insight. Greg L’Heureux has worked on projects from NASA, Disney, Jet Propulsion Labs and many others.

Hot food tastes best when served on a hot plate, but you don’t have to burn yourself in the process! The Hot Holder is an innovative and practical solution to safeguard microwave users from getting burned while pulling hot dishes from the microwave. THE HOT HOLDER device securely wraps around the bowl/plate you are putting in the microwave. Set the microwave to your desired time and setting. THE HOT HOLDER stays cool while your food and food container in the microwave get hot. After it is done heating, remove the THE HOT HOLDER with your hot plate of food without getting burned.

It has a unique shape that allows you to keep it clean. The wide overhanging lip is easy to grip and lift your bowl out of the microwave and on to your table or counter. It separates in to 2 pieces to allow placement in the top rack of your dishwasher for cleaning. It can also be left in the microwave for storage and use.

Perks include the Hot Holder, Dinner at Mari Vanna's in Los Angeles, music lessons, Usage of Ellenie's Studio and much more.

I give this project and A for solving a problem, having experienced people and a great video.

Grab your Hot Holder here: