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This gem of bad news may be just what the doctor ordered for getting us to wash our hands properly.
This gem of bad news may be just what the doctor ordered for getting us to wash our hands properly.
Centers for Disease Control website

After years of having to deal with the occasional curmudgeon, the worst that they can deliver is nothing compared to the war that’s raging right now at many a receptionist’s desk: H1N1.

Honestly, I believe that the most effective weapon we can ever have in our arsenal is truth. Let me share what I’ve managed to glean so far, bullet by bullet:

Cleanliness is important ALL year long, not just during cold and flu season. It’s rather like being a new elementary school teacher---you’re exposed to germs you haven’t had a chance to build up a resistance to. So receptionists have to work harder somehow to keep their area as clean as possible. This isn’t easy, as they’re always expected to be “on”. (If you work with one---and have a little time on your hands---do ‘em a huge favor and wipe down their open surfaces for them with a little of that spray cleaner and a paper towel or two.)
H1N1 seems to affect younger people more, as older folks have had an opportunity to build up a resistance to it. This isn’t to say that older folks can’t contract it, but they usually have other health issues at work that undermine their systems. Undiagnosed conditions can pave the way for this, so keep up with those routine physicals with your family doctor---you may FEEL fine, but it doesn’t mean that you necessarily ARE.

So many flu strains have come and gone with a whole lot of hype and fear attached to them. Just look at how we’ve reacted to past waves, and you’ll realize that there may be just as much over-reaction to this one as others. The only difference here is that we have better ways of dealing with the germs: Anti-bacterial wipes in large containers, hand sanitizers, less physical contact, more cleaning, etcetera.

As for sneezing, I consider that hands can be washed a whole heckuva lot easier than sleeves. Sorry, Secretary Sebelius, but I’m not about to keep a few clean shirts at the office just to keep up with my random achoos. I have all the respect in the world for you, but that isn’t a practical solution. My hands are another matter, though. A proper amount of soap, water and judicious scrubbing, and we’re back in action.

Sure, we may all reek of disinfectant for awhile, but between the measures we’re taking these days and seeking the truth, we’ll make it through this crisis, sports fans.

Go ahead---spoil me with another one of your smiles!

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