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Microsoft XP ends: It's Microsoft upgrade time for many computer users

Windows XP is ending on April 8, 2014. Therefore, it’s time for Windows XP users to do a Microsoft upgrade. As much as 10 percent of computer users throughout the world are still using Windows XP, according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday.

Microsoft XP to end on April 8, 2014

Microsoft will completely stop supporting the computer operating system that dates back to 2001. Since Microsoft XP was released over a decade ago, it has been replaced by Windows Vista which was a nightmare for many computer users, Windows 7, and Windows 8 which has already been upgraded to Windows 8.1.

The blatant statement coming from Microsoft asserts that Windows XP cannot be considered safe to use after support ends. Once again, support ends on April 8.

Though the computers that have Windows XP will still work, Microsoft will no longer support it. There will be no more security upgrades for the operating system. There will be absolutely no more security updates for users.

Therefore, even if Windows XP is still operable on a computer, without the upgrades and updates, a computer is reportedly more likely to be an easier target for viruses, scammers, and their partners-in-crime. Again, no more security updates after April 8.

Reportedly, if one is going to hang on to antiquity with Windows XP for a time, it is advised that the computer user at least be up to speed with the ultimate version – Service Pack 3. Again, after April 8, upgrading to Service Pack 3 will not be possible.

The best solution to this concern is to get Windows 8.1. Users need to get prepared to learn a whole new interface on their computer screens with the upgrade.

Even better a suggestion is to put the Windows XP computer on the shelf with other dust collectors in your office and purchase a new Windows 8 computer.

If you’re thinking, it’s not very nice for Microsoft to drop this bomb on their loyal consumers a week-and-a-half before the death of Windows XP - in the midst of today's horrendous economy, you’re in the presence of many others!

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