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Microsoft Windows 9 release date rumor mill heats up

The Windows 9 rumor mill is running rampant as speculation on what is coming next for Microsoft becomes one of the popular topics in technology.

Windows 9 not announced at April BUILD 2014 dev conference as rumored
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In an article published on Friday by ZDNet Microsoft guru Mary Jo Foley, she states that "Microsoft is aiming to deliver a technology preview of its Windows Threshold operating system by late September or early October."

Sadly, the prediction by Mary Jo Foley is qualified by the remarks, "according to multiple sources of mine who asked not to be named."

In the ZDNet article anonymous "contacts" are quoted on possible release dates for Windows 9, but again the article qualified all statements made with, "Microsoft execs have declined to comment."

Why did one rumor start a rash of news on Windows 9?

An often quoted technology news and information website, Ars Technica, ran an article on Friday with the headline, "Windows 9 preview could materialize as soon as next month." The source referenced in that article was the ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley.

Other notable websites such as Mashable published on Friday, "Can't Wait for Windows 9? It Could Be Coming Sooner Than You Think," also using the ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley as the source.

Why the news on Friday?

The technology preview of an operating system months before the official release is nothing new. The current "news" on Friday follows what has been the assumed time table for the release of Windows 9 for nearly a year.

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley wrote in an article on October 16, 2013, "What comes next after Windows 8.1?" that the next major release of Windows would happen in the Spring of 2015. That confirms the timeline in the recent article, with a technology preview happening very soon, followed by a release in the spring of 2015.

Back in January we wrote on Windows 9 rumors stating that many sources are speculating that the next generation of the Windows operating system has a projected release date of April 2015.

A scan of the current Microsoft press releases and Microsoft News Center makes no mention of Windows 9. Those who believe in conspiracy theories might tell you the anonymous Microsoft "contacts" are actually paid by Microsoft to leak out the information so they can measure the reactions to the actual release news.

The internet has created a news hungry world where anyone with anonymous contacts can keep creating news by asking the same questions.

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