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Microsoft VP doesn’t expect Xbox One to be last console

What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below.
What do you think? Tell us in the comments down below.
Major Nelson via

Despite the push toward digital and cloud-based gaming, one Microsoft executive believes that physical consoles will outlast the lifecycle of the Xbox One, according to a report today from Now Gamer.

Answering questions posed to his Twitter account, executive vice president for Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer said he believes local, physical consoles will be around for a long time, longer than the lifecycle of the Xbox One.

Twitter user @BuldozerX asked Spencer, “Tough question, but do you think Xbox One is the last console as “we know it?” You know, running on local hardware.”

Spencer replied, “I don’t. I think local compute will be important for a long time.”

Later in the conservation on Twitter, Spencer pointed out that though mobile gaming, faster network connections and cloud services will be featured prominently in the future, “local power still increases each (generation.)

Spencer also said that caps with bandwidth are “clearly an issue,” and he believes that both software and hardware engineers will “find local (hardware) scenarios critical.”

It’s not as if Spencer has ignored the movement toward more digital and cloud-based gaming, however. In November he argued that the Xbox One’s cloud capabilities would actually help indie developers in bringing games to consumers.

You can read that full Examiner report by clicking here.

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