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Microsoft to release $399 Xbox One without Kinect on June 9, 2014

Till price drop do us part - Microsoft to drop Kinect requirement
Till price drop do us part - Microsoft to drop Kinect requirement
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Big news is coming out of the gaming industry. Xbox One, the flagship system for tech giant Microsoft, is going to be getting a major price drop, and accessory requirement drop in a few weeks time. The price for a new Xbox One without the Kinect accessory is going to be $399.00.

It is reported that this retail move by Microsoft will take place on June 9. This change represents a number of different course corrections for the Xbox One, as sales have been sluggish compared to those of the Playstation 4. These changes will definitely heat up the console wars, and will end up being good news for consumers who have waited to move on to the next generation of gaming consoles.

The first major change is the price drop. By putting their price point at the same as the Playstation 4, Microsoft is essentially admitting that their console was overpriced. Since being released at the price point of $499.99, the Xbox one has been bundled with a number of games including the alleged console seller Titanfall, in order to help move units of the console by adding value. This price drop will no doubt help move units of the console.

The second big change is the dropping of the Kinect as a required accessory. Microsoft was betting big by bundling the Kinect with the console. Their goal was to make the Xbox One more of a complete entertainment device than simply a gaming console. Unfortunately many were not pleased with the idea of the accessory increasing the cost, in addition to security concerns of the potential for an all seeing eye in the living room.

A final, minor change is that entertainment apps will no longer require an Xbox Live subscriptions. Users who wanted to stream content on Netflix and other services previously needed to have a paid Xbox Live subscription active on their account. This change will hopefully expand the widespread appeal of the Xbox One as a complete entertainment device. The new discounted device is up for pre-order on Amazon, and you can see the "Standard Without Kinect" option that customers have been clamoring for will finally be available.