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Microsoft to appoint Satya Nadella as their new CEO

After a 5 month long search for a new CEO, Bloomberg and Cnet report that Microsoft's board is set to name Satya Nadella as the successor to Steve Ballmer. The conformation will make Mr. Nadella the third CEO in the 38-year history of Microsoft. The conformation could come within the next two weeks ending a search that started with current CEO Steve announced in August that he would be leaving the position that he has held since January of 2000 when replaced co-founder and current chairman Bill Gates.

"He's a solid choice," offering continuity of strategy and proven execution, said Sid Parakh, an analyst at fund firm McAdams Wright Ragen. Later Mr. Parakh added, "Any new CEO is going to have to have the shareholders' say in mind. But it's not certain that will translate into actions."

Mr. Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992 after leaving Sun Microsystems. Mr. Nadella started his 22-year career at Microsoft as part of the Windows Developer Relations group. In the following years Mr. Nadella has worked on several major projects at Microsoft to final become President of Server & Tools division at the company.

The same reports also state that Bill Gates, the company's co-founder and first CEO, will be stepping down from his current position as chairman-of-the-board of Microsoft. Mr. Gates will still remain on the board at Microsoft but will make his Bill & Melinda Gates foundation his sole focus. The person cited as the frontrunner to take over as chairman-of-the-board is John W. Thompson, who joined the board in February of 2012. Mr. Thompson is currently the CEO of Virtual Investments and the former CEO of the Symantec Corporation.

“The board is doing important work right now,” said Gates, who created the foundation with his wife in 2000. “The foundation is the biggest part of my time. I put in part-time work to help as a board member. My full-time work will be the foundation for the rest of my life. I will not change that.”

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