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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 reveals poor quality control

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On Wednesday evening, the most popular Microsoft Surface Pro 3 message board started filling up with complaints about bezel separation, screen scratches, defective Wi-Fi, dead pixels, and other things that may or may not be an overall issue. Though many people are certainly happy with their Surface Pro 3 units, there are others (like us) who have returned their units after many problems.

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We were so impressed with our review unit of the Surface Pro 3 that we decided to purchase one ourselves. The Microsoft Store at the Westfield Century City shopping center didn't have any screen covers and we assumed it's because the Surface Pro 3 is truly scratch resistant. Needless to say, after working with OneNote, we found several small chicken scratches on our screen. They are only noticeable with bright light reflecting on the unit, but we were still angry. But that's not the only problem

After watching Neflix, we discovered a bright blue dead pixel smack in the middle of the screen. We thought dead pixels were a thing of the past, but apparently Microsoft doesn't care if they ship units with pixel issues. No problem! We returned our unit and were excited to finally get one with a perfect screen. However, that didn't happen.

After spending an hour loading programs on our new unit, we discovered a white burn spot on the right side of the screen. The spot was very noticeable when the screen displayed white, such as it does when using Microsoft Word. This time, we decided to return our unit for good. The staff at the Microsoft Store at the Westfield Century City mall are wonderful and felt bad. But Microsoft should have not shipped so many defective units in the first place.

This reminds me of the disastrous Palm Pre release in 2009. The Pre was a great smartphone, but most units had dead pixels, screen burn, and other quality control issues that hurt sales of the device in the end. It's doubtful that Microsoft will face the same backlash, but complaints certainly won't help at a time the company needs to prove it has the ultimate tablet and laptop replacement. Let's hope Microsoft gets things together and issues a statement about all the defective units.