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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 a serious threat to MacBook Air

Microsoft is pushing the Surface Pro 3 as the tablet that can replace your laptop. The one laptop often compared to the Surface Pro 3 is the MacBook Air.

How serious a threat the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is to replace your MacBook Air depends on who is doing the comparison.

Mac users not loving Surface Pro 3

A recent comparison of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air in Business Insider mentions the Surface Pro 3 is better than the MacBook Air, in areas such as display quality and a touchscreen that also supports pen input, which the MacBook Air does not offer.

Through her words and pictures, the Business Insider author illustrates that the Surface Pro 3 does not work as well as the MacBook Air, when trying to use it on your lap, especially when trying to cross your legs wearing a short skirt while typing.

The animated photos of the author doing the cross your legs while typing comparison of the Surface Pro 3 versus the MacBook Air support her conclusion to choose the MacBook Air.

Sounding like the perspective of a Mac user looking at a Microsoft Windows device, the Business Insider article concludes with reasons why the Surface Pro 3 does not stack up to the MacBook Air.

Surface Pro 3 the winner

A comparison of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air done by, also mentions the Surface Pro 3 has a better display, and active pen support. Choosing the best device purely from the perspective of a laptops, the MacBook Air wins out with a better keyboard and trackpad.

In their conclusion, looking at each device from the perspective of a tool to get work done, picks the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 as the winner.

New battleground for Microsoft versus Apple

With both the Microsoft Surface Pro and the MacBook Air in $800 to $1000 price range, they are not competing for the cost conscious crowd where many of the Google Chrome and Android devices sell. The two articles mentioned here are a representative sampling of recent comparisons between the two products.

The lifelong Apple users will be hard to convince that a Windows based computer stacks up well against an Apple computer.

Just mentioning that a device made by Microsoft using a Windows operating system is a serious threat to compete with an Apple computer product should be seen as a victory by Microsoft.

To someone without any brand or operating system loyalty looking for a portable business productivity tool, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 stacks up well to the MacBook Air.


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