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Microsoft Surface 3 still set for future release

The Surface 3 is expected to arrive in October.
The Surface 3 is expected to arrive in October.
Photo couresy of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission

On Monday morning, rumors started appearing all over the Internet about the impending release of the Microsoft Surface 3 (this is different from the Surface Pro 3 that was released in June). Some people were surprised since they thought Microsoft had abandoned the regular Surface brand last month. The rumors of the upcoming Surface 3 actually started with Digitimes, a site that often starts rumors that end up being true.

Microsoft will soon release the Surface 3
Photo courtesy of LA Gadgets Examiner, used with permission.

If you remember, a Surface Mini was scheduled to be released around the same time as the Surface Pro 3. It was said to be a 7-inch tablet running Windows RT. It was also said to come with a digital pen and the marketing would concentrate on promoti8ng the Surface Mini as a convenient note-taking machine.

It is believed by many that the Surface 3 is actually the Surface Mini renamed. However, we talked to Los Angeles Industry Analyst Paul Mueller, who says that the Surface 3 is actually something different. "The Surface 3 is real, but it's not the same as the Surface Mini. It will be a bigger and thinner tablet. It will have excellent note-taking capabilities," Mueller enthusiastically tells us.

Even if the Surface 3 is affordable and allows one to take handwritten notes, the main obstacle is the operating system--Windows RT. A watered-down version of Windows 8 has not gone well with many tablet buyers, who have either chosen the Surface Pro (which runs Windows 8), the iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab. The Surface 3 is expected to make its way in stores this October.

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