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Microsoft Surface 3 still set for future release

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On Monday morning, rumors started appearing all over the Internet about the impending release of the Microsoft Surface 3 (this is different from the Surface Pro 3 that was released in June). Some people were surprised since they thought Microsoft had abandoned the regular Surface brand last month. The rumors of the upcoming Surface 3 actually started with Digitimes, a site that often starts rumors that end up being true.

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If you remember, a Surface Mini was scheduled to be released around the same time as the Surface Pro 3. It was said to be a 7-inch tablet running Windows RT. It was also said to come with a digital pen and the marketing would concentrate on promoti8ng the Surface Mini as a convenient note-taking machine.

It is believed by many that the Surface 3 is actually the Surface Mini renamed. However, we talked to Los Angeles Industry Analyst Paul Mueller, who says that the Surface 3 is actually something different. "The Surface 3 is real, but it's not the same as the Surface Mini. It will be a bigger and thinner tablet. It will have excellent note-taking capabilities," Mueller enthusiastically tells us.

Even if the Surface 3 is affordable and allows one to take handwritten notes, the main obstacle is the operating system--Windows RT. A watered-down version of Windows 8 has not gone well with many tablet buyers, who have either chosen the Surface Pro (which runs Windows 8), the iPad or Samsung's Galaxy Tab. The Surface 3 is expected to make its way in stores this October.