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Microsoft Smart Bra to Control Emotional Eating

Microsoft is getting into making bras now. Researchers are currently developing a bra that senses an over abundance of stress signals than can cause emotional over-eating. They call it the 'just in time emotional support for emotional eating' device. It may be able to help those that have problems with stress, anxiety, or worry that ends up making the individual reach for junk food in order to feel good.

Bra notifies of emotional eating
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The sensors that are fit into the 'smart' bra help monitor current bio-signals that include respiration and heart rate that are related to stress responses that Microsoft has identified as signals to emotional eating. The bra then notifies the wearer that it is picking up these distress signals that they are approaching a time were emotional eating may happen. Microsoft's study suggests that if the wearer is notified of such signals it will help people stop and think before opening that salty bag of chips.

It has been known that both men and women are effected by over eating when it comes down to dealing with stress responses, but woman are at higher risk in doing so. In a review paper stating the results of the pilot study, four women wore the prototype bras. Researchers stated the data seemed to deliver the alert message to the participants in a timely fashion in order to promote stress reduction in preventing binge eating, and to educate wearers on the importance of being physically active instead.

One participant noted that she was eating without even knowing about it and that by logging her eating and emotional habits, she became more aware of her emotional eating in order to identify more appropriate habits to maintain her health better.

Microsoft concludes that wearing such a device will help to combat the overwhelming problems with emotional over eating that plague many women in society. They also mention that they are currently trying to think of new ways to utilize such a device that both men and women can benefit from it.

It also seems that other undergarments are going more techno, because recently a Japanese toy manufacturer has been reporting high sales on new underwear that is used with cell phones. The elastic band that fits over the base of the phone is supposed to help prevent any buttons from being pressed and make the phone look less naked as well as seem more sexual in a weird way.

So for those of you in St. Cloud, maybe we will be seeing these new techno bras in health food stores and Victoria's Secret. How odd would that be to see these garments and how well will these things actually sell? Weird news can sometimes be great news for bettering the health of those who really have trouble with emotional eating.

By Tina Elliott

Fox News

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