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Microsoft set to roll out Windows 8.1 update next week

For the traditional Windows users that have opted to stay with Window XP and Window 7, Redmond-based Microsoft has good news. The Redmond-based giant bring back a few of the features that were lost in the touch-centric Windows 8. These features, as soon on the Windows blog, will include putting the familiar close and minimize buttons on apps, putting the power and search buttons on the top of the start screen and highlighted new apps similar to the way Windows 7 show newly installed programs.

This will be the second major upgrade to Windows 8 since it was first released a year and a half ago. The people that subscribe to MSDN website were able to get the update starting on April 2 but for the rest of us the update won't be available until Tuesday (April 8, 2014). It is probably no coincidence that the April 8th release date for this upgrade is the same day the Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP.

When Microsoft first introduced Windows 8 on October 26, 2012 the new operating system was geared toward the touch screens on mobile devices. Many of the more traditional desktop and laptop user felt that they were being ignore by the Redmond-based company and opted to stay with their older operating systems. After almost a year of hearing the complaints of some of those users that were not impressed with the new metro interface. That lead to the first upgrade (Windows 8.1) that was released on October 17, 2013.

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