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Microsoft sells 4.2 million Xbox One's to customers since release

Xbox One has sold 4.2 million units to customers.
Xbox One has sold 4.2 million units to customers.

Earlier this month Microsoft released information pertaining to Xbox One console sales with over 5 million units sold to retail outlets. Although good, it left some wondering what actual sales numbers to consumers have been, as Sony has been widely open regarding it's 7 million-unit-sold number.

Today, Microsoft has given us an answer; 1.2 million Xbox One consoles moved from January to March, for a grand total of 4.2 million Xbox One consoles sold to customers. These numbers have Microsofts "next-gen" console moving just under a half million units per month since January 2014.

These sales figures put Microsoft behind both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U. With E3 just around the corner and price reduced bundle's showing up at major retail outlets around the United States, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft has planned to counter their competitors, more notably, Sony's PlayStation 4.

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