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Microsoft's highly anticipated Lock Screen app launches for Windows Phone 8.1

The new Lock Screen Beta from Microsoft really shows just how beautiful Windows Phone 8.1 can be.
The new Lock Screen Beta from Microsoft really shows just how beautiful Windows Phone 8.1 can be.
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The new Windows Phone 8.1 update rolling is out to more devices all the time around the globe, and with the latest update to the platform, users can expect to see a lot of new great apps, and the most anticipated new app has just been officially released by Microsoft. As reported by WMPoweruser on July 25, The Live Lock Screen app that Microsoft announced during the Build conference earlier this year has just hit the Windows Phone store on as a Beta version.

A video of the new application which was posted to YouTube just the other day by David Lorenzin really showcased the application, and it left Windows Phone users with no doubt about how gorgeous the app can make their phone’s lock screen.

Android based phones have been able to use lock screen widgets since the release of Android 4.0, and until now Android has been the only mobile operating system that supported such a feature, but now Windows Phone users can officially claim that their phone will be able to use one of the most beautiful lock screen applications available on any platform.

Late last week Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to tease expectant Windows Phone fans about the upcoming release of the Microsoft produced application, and that how opening the API’s to the lock screen will lead to some truly unique features. Unfortunately there are some caveats when it comes to the new Lock Screen application.

The Windows Phone platform does unfortunately have a slight fragmentation issue when it comes to the amount of RAM that is available in different devices. Most high-end Windows Phones have at least 1GB of RAM, but lower end phones such as the Lumia 520 only have 512MB. As you can probably guess, the new beta version of the lock screen app will require phones to have a minimum of 1GB of RAM, and of course Windows Phone 8.1.

When you watch the video that was posted to YouTube, it is easy to see that the Lock Screen application is beautiful to look at, and that the animations of the widgets are quite stunning. There are three lock screen widgets available within the first release and they are Clock, Clock Plus, and Stripe. All three designs offer up different information and varying animations, and all of them seem to function very beautifully.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has really pulled out all of the stops when it comes Windows Phone 8.1, and many critics of the platform are finally starting to see the new potential that the platform is bringing to an otherwise stagnant market. Microsoft worked really hard to make sure that Windows Phone 8.1 included absolutely everything fans had requested, and it seems as though the hard work is finally starting to pay off. You can now download the Live Lock Screen application from the Windows Phone store.

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