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Microsoft Reveals Surface 2 with LTE Support

Surface 2 LTE only on AT&T
Surface 2 LTE only on AT&T
Photo by Nigel Treblin/Getty Images

After many rumors, leaks and speculation, Microsoft has finally announced that there is in fact a Surface 2 tablet with 4G LTE support. The tablet will go on sale tomorrow (March 18) and cost $679.

As of right now, only one carrier will provide the data plans for the Surface 2 LTE, and that is AT&T, which is no surprise since that was leaked some time ago. The revised tablet will feature 64GB on board storage and run on the Windows 8.1 platform. The Surface 2 LTE will also come with 200GB of OneDrive storage for two years and one year of free Skype to landline service. The Surface 2 AT&T 4G LTE *the official name…* will also have hot spot capabilities, so other devices can utilize the 4G connection.

There have been no announcements of lesser gigabyte models as of yet, so Microsoft may be running with this as the sole LTE model for the foreseeable future. With a $679 price tag, this may not be the tablet for everyone, especially when you consider that comparable tablets, and some computers for that matter, come in well under that price. The device itself is pretty much the same Surface model we have seen in the past year, with the only real physical modification coming with the addition of the SIM card space to right beneath the volume rockers.

The Surface 2 AT&T 4G LTE will only be available in Microsoft stores and Best Buy (No AT&T stores), and while they require no contracts, do require a separate 4G microsim card. For those who may be looking for an alternative, the T-Mobile microsim may work if you already have access to one.