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Microsoft reveals list of ID@Xbox certified independent titles for Xbox Arcade

Microsoft is finally gaining traction with their independent development program
Microsoft is finally gaining traction with their independent development program

It is no secret that all three major home console manufacturers have put a great deal of effort behind their independent developer support this console generation. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have all made countless efforts to showcase just how far they would go to gain some traction in what has become a lucrative revenue stream, most notably on mobile and PC platforms.

Today, Microsoft went into detail regarding their new ID@Xbox Program. Revealed last December and designed to directly support and interact with independent developers on their Xbox platform, ID@Xbox is the grand result of what Microsoft has been hinting at since the reveal of the Xbox One.

"ID@Xbox is a global program and we’re committed to bringing the best from around the world to Xbox One. The first ID@Xbox games are in certification now and, as always, we continue to look for ways to improve the creation process for our ID@Xbox partners with new processes and tools. Stay tuned for updates on both soon!"

On top of this news, Microsoft also dished out an impressive list of independent games that have been certified through their ID@Xbox program.

  1. 4gency
  2. A Crowd of Monster
  3. Alientrap Games
  4. The Behemoth
  5. BetaDwarf
  6. Big Ant Studios
  7. Bloober Team
  8. Blowfish Studios
  9. Brain in a Jar
  10. Brushfire Games
  11. Cherry Pop Games Ltd
  12. Codeglue
  13. Code-Monkeys
  14. Compulsion Games
  15. Crunching Koalas
  16. Deco Digital
  17. Empty Clip Studios
  18. Escalation Studios
  19. EXOR Studios
  20. FarSight Studios
  21. Fatshark
  22. Flix Interactive
  23. Four Door Lemon Ltd
  24. Frambosa
  25. Frima
  26. Glass Bottom Games
  27. HB Studios
  28. Headup Games
  29. Heart Machine
  30. Holmade Games
  31. Humble Hearts LLC
  32. I Fight Bears
  33. Implausible Industries
  34. Iridium Studios
  35. iSquared Games Ltd
  36. Larian Studios
  37. Mediatonic
  38. MeinMein
  39. Mighty Rabbit Studios
  40. Mimimi Productions
  41. nDreams Ltd
  42. NeocoreGames
  43. No Goblin
  44. n-Space
  45. Piwot
  46. Pixel Balloon
  47. Playdead
  48. Rebellion
  49. Relentless Software
  50. RetroCoders
  51. Ripstone
  52. Robomodo
  53. Ska Studios
  54. Smudged Cat Games Ltd
  55. Snowrunner
  56. Spry Fox
  57. Tiny Castle Studios
  58. Toxic Games
  59. Vector Unit
  60. Vertigo Games BV
  61. VooFoo Studios
  62. Warhorse Studios
  63. WaterMelon
  64. Xona Games
  65. Zoë Mode

Not a bad starting point, but still behind the offerings of both Sony and Nintendo at this time. Regardless, seeing actual games in the flesh confirmed for development is something more than both previously mentioned companies can give us.

Excited about the influx of independent titles coming to your home consoles? Let me know by commenting below, subscribing to me here, on YouTube at YouTube/Pitmonkey and by following me on Twitter @NicholasGigante.


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