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Microsoft re-releases Surface Pro 2 update

Microsoft re-releases firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 on Saturday
Microsoft re-releases firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 on Saturday

On Saturday, Microsoft re-released a firmware update for its Surface Pro 2, after the initial release in December was extremely buggy.

After investigating the initial problems, the company reported that after successfully installing the update, some users experienced failed installations and battery issues. The company quickly pulled the update down from the website and released this statement:

To ensure the best experience for our customers during the holiday season, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013. We are working to release an alternative update package after the holidays.

The update today replaces the old update, regardless of whether or not users installed that update. Microsoft has not updated its updates page for the Surface Pro 2, with the December update showing up as the last one, but I have been able to confirm with various owners that the update did indeed start rolling out today.

Hopefully, with this patch, Surface Pro 2 users can update their tablet and fix the issues with the previous update. However, no one knows if this update will be buggy; here's hoping it isn't.

Have you experienced these problems on your Surface Pro 2? Did the update fix them? Leave your responses in the comments section below.

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