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Microsoft Office 2010 - A Quick Look


Here is a quick Look at Microsoft Office 2010 which is due out later this year.

Like versions before it, Office 2010 can coexist with previous version of Office, but as before, only one version of Outlook can be installed on a PC.

During installation you can choose among 3 levels of automated update installation.

Yes! The orb in the top left corner is gone from the Ribbon. Long live the File menu! I still remember the 20 minutes it took me to figure out that in 2007 the orb was actually a menu.

However, clicking on the File menu (Tab actually) puts you into the "Backstage View" shown above. Backstage View is a new feature of Office 2010. It a single screen that gives you access to common functions.

In Excel there is a new feature called a "Sparklines". It a means to quickly graph data to get a visual representation of trends in the data. In the pictures above, you can see 3 "Sparklines" displaying the data trends in the 3 columns next to them.

In Outlook there is a now a Conversation View to allow easier management of email threads. This view groups emails that are replies and forwards together.

In PowerPoint, you can now embed videos more easily and you can present across the web. Presenting across the web is useful for those instances when you wish to show your PowerPoint’s to a remote viewer but you do not wish to give a copy to the remote viewer.

Overall, moving to Office 2010 was an easier change then moving from Office 2003 to Office 2007 mostly because there was much less fumbling and hunting while trying to find the new “improved” location of common tasks.



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