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Microsoft offers cheaper phones to increase sales worldwide

Windows based smartphones from Microsoft appear to have been gaining interest from consumers, but not as quickly as Microsoft would like. In order to compete more effectively in this market worldwide Microsoft is pushing more manufacturers to make lower priced Windows based smartphones, reported MarketWatch on Feb. 23, 2014. This represents an aggressive bid by Microsoft to compete more effectively with sales of smartphones by Google and Apple.

A Nokia Lumia 920 Windows enabled smartphone
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

On Sunday Microsoft announced the firm is increasing the number of makers of Windows phones. At a news conference just ahead of the opening of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft executives said the firm will also lower the hardware requirements for the Windows Phone operating system, in order to support cheaper internal chips, fewer buttons and less built-in memory, therefore allowing lower priced devices for emerging markets.

Microsoft is targeting global internet growth with cheaper phones, reports Bloomberg. Microsoft has joined forces with chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. to develop less expensive smartphones aimed at markets such as China. Together these firms are developing a low cost phone design which developers and handset makers can use to build their own devices. With cheaper smartphones consumers in less developed countries will have a chance to use the internet for the first time, which represents a fast-growing market. This will certainly add interesting new possibilities for the growth of the smartphone market across the world.

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