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Microsoft monitoring feedback for Xbox One improvements

Microsoft is closely eying player feedback about improvements that can be made to the recently launched Xbox One, according to Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, director of programming.

The Microsoft public relations guru spoke with in an interview published Thursday, where he reaffirmed Microsoft's commitment to not just providing the hardcore gamer with an enjoyable platform, but the general public as well. Microsoft came under after the May unveiling of the console, which is underpowered and overpriced compared to Sony's PlayStation 4. The Xbox One retails for $100 more, is packed in with a Kinect camera and only shed an intrusive DRM scheme after gamers spoke up. Hyrb pointed to the DRM reversal, and the continued evolution of the Xbox 360 over its lifespan, as examples of how the Xbox One experience will be tailored moving forward.

“If you look back at the Xbox 360′s launch, what it was in 2005 when it launched is completely different from what it is now. It’s fascinating to see the different things that have come along. Things iterated," Hyrb said. "We didn’t even have things like the party system or the ability to support external storage when we launched the Xbox 360. So we are absolutely committed to adding new features to the Xbox One over the course of its life span."

Hyrb also addressed complaints many have lodged about new Kinect, which some have called unresponsive. The packed-in accessory is a significant reason for the higher price, and the fact that it doesn't work has perturbed many. He said the technology is still innovative and Microsoft will continue to improve the software to help make the system more responsive.

"We’ve taken a dramatic leap forward with integrating Kinect; making the choice to include Kinect with every Xbox One was a bold decision. It enables certain scenarios like everyone having access to voice, gesture control and of course the games being able to count on it being there," Hyrb said. "It’s part of our overall system improvement and approach, as we continue moving forward and refining the technology.”

Ultimately, Hyrb thinks gamers will be happy with the Xbox One. Much like the Xbox 360 underwent several updates throughout its lifespan, the Xbox One will be tailored to what users want. A new update is already planned for 2014, but there's been no word on how frequently features will be added.

"When we look back and look at what we’ve done, we want to continue to adapt the system to what gamers want. The team that works on Xbox are gamers themselves. We want to build the system that we use and that we know gamers would enjoy using,” said Hryb. “We’re going to continue to refine the system and make it what the Xbox fans are expecting and what they want. We’re listening to the feedback every single day. I’ve already seen some changes in the operating system internally with what we’re building.”

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