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Microsoft might be readying a Lumia device to run Android

Nokia Lumia 1520 running Microsoft Windows Phone
Karlis Dambrans - Wikimedia Commons

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform has been around for four years now, and while it has been making progress, many would argue that adoption rates should be higher than they are. Windows Phone currently accounts for roughly four percent of the mobile market, and that number does not seem to be increasing (at least not in the U.S) very quickly. With this in mind, there is no surprise that @evleaks (a popular twitter user who has been known for leaking information) tweeted some information on July 7 which suggests that Microsoft may launch a Lumia device that runs on Google's Android operating system.

There have been cries from fans of Android for there to be a Lumia based Android device for a long time. Before Nokia joined forces with Microsoft, fans of Android wanted Nokia devices to run Google's operating system, simply because Nokia phones are hard to beat, both in design and build quality.

While Nokia has dipped its toes into Android laced water with the Nokia X2, there has never been any sign of the Lumia line being used to house the open source platform. The X2 ran a very customized version of Android that did not have access to Google Play, but it shows that Nokia does indeed have an interest the Android platform.

While there was no hard data to go along with @evleaks claims of a Android based Lumia device, it is hard to imagine this respected source of information laying claims to something that could really hurt his reputation in the tech world.

It certainly does not make any sense for Microsoft to launch a Lumia device running Android, especially when it would go head-to-head with its own Windows Phone operating system. There are quite a few Windows Phone users who have stayed loyal to the platform due to the use of Nokia hardware, and one would have to wonder just how many of those users would jump into the Android ship if it were to come sailing in to port.

The latest comment from @evleaks has certainly raised a few eyebrows, and it will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. Maybe Microsoft really does have an ace up it's sleeve in regards to Android, or perhaps there is a Lumia device in the pipeline that will run the heavily customized version of Android like the X2. Until more concrete evidence comes out, file this rumor under highly unlikely.

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