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Microsoft Live Webcasts: Visual Studio Online & Application Insights

Microsoft Live Webcasts: Visual Studio Online & Application Insights
Microsoft Live Webcasts: Visual Studio Online & Application Insights
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As I've been blogging - for a while now... - Webinars can be a wonderful way to get familiar with a technical topic... and can certainly give you some topics of conversation for interviews. If you're unemployed, webinars can be a great way to get a fast-education on some of the latest and greatest technology features... - some webinars are pretty much technical info-commercials (mainly hosted by sales and marketing employees)... - some webinars are true elearning prospects... and "intro to" classes.

Wanted to this information about Microsoft's Live Webcasts series... and this particular Visual Studio series.

If you're interested in getting into software programming - or you're a business analyst that wants to broaden your technical knowledge to include some familiar with Microsoft has to offer... - this is a GREAT opportunity to find out more.

Hope someone in my social network audience (Examiner, Linked, Facebook, Twitter) finds this information about Microsoft's Live Webcast series to be productive!


Visual Studio Online has hit a significant milestone – we’ve reached general availability, adding a 99.9% SLA for our services. This means any time, any day you can use free developer services that can enhance your Visual Studio development environment.

Join us and learn more about Visual Studio Online & Application Insights:

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Visual Studio Online
Webinar April 10, 2014 8:00am PST
From project tracking to private source code repos to continuous integration and much more, Visual Studio Online offers free developer services to help you plan, manage, and ship your applications.

Application Insights
Webinar April 17, 2014 8:00am PST
Are you responsible for critical applications? Join us and learn how Application Insights enables you to monitor performance, availability and learn how your customers are using your applications while reducing the effort to find issues and correct them. In preparation for this webinar, please download the Application Insights for Visual Studio extension.

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