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Microsoft launches Windows Phone training portal in attempt to woo consumers

Windows Phone Chief Operating Officer showing how easy it is to use Windows Phone at the 2014 Build Conference.
Windows Phone Chief Operating Officer showing how easy it is to use Windows Phone at the 2014 Build Conference.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Unfortunately for current Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, Windows Phone continues to plod along in the race for market share in the U.S, but with a renewed vigor thanks to recent structural changes within the company, the software and technology giant are now starting to pull out all the stops to show consumers just how capable their Windows Phone platform is. Thanks to a new interactive training portal that was posted by the Windows Phone team on July 23, potential customers can now see just how easy it is to use the new Windows Phone 8.1 software.

The new training portal that is called ‘Windows on your phone – what would you like to do?’ is a comprehensive, yet easy to use website that allows consumers, and potential new owners to see just how easy it is to interact with with a Windows Phone device.

Visitors to the website are greeted by a series of drop down menus that list how to perform certain tasks on a Windows Phone device. The tutorials range from how to customize your home screen, to how to use Cortana, all the way down to how to make a phone call. Once you click on a heading, a video showing a Nokia Lumia will start playing and a voice guided presentation will show you how to complete tasks in an animated step-by-step fashion. Thanks to the videos, potential Windows Phone users will see just how quick and fluid Windows Phone 8.1 really is.

The launch of the website comes just a couple of days after Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella stated that the company was going to back out of the Android market which newly acquired Nokia had entered, and that Microsoft will now focus solely on Windows Phone devices going forward.

Microsoft has been trying hard to increase its overall market share in the all-important U.S marketplace that is currently dominated by Google’s Android (51.7 percent market share), and Apple’s iPhone (41.6 percent market share). In comparison Windows Phone holds only 3.2 percent of the U.S market. While new users may be hard to come by in the U.S, Windows Phone is gaining popularity at an incredible rate in countries such as India, Brazil, and other emerging markets thanks to solidly built, and well-priced Nokia hardware such as the Lumia 520.

While cheap hardware and aggressive marketing from Microsoft seems to be working in other countries around the world, Microsoft will need to up its game significantly if they want to convince U.S consumers that Windows Phone is just as good as its competitors.

Until Microsoft and its hardware partners can convince potential users that the application gap is not as great as it once was, and that Windows Phone 8.1 can give Android and iOS a run for its money, market share gains will unfortunately be hard to come by in the U.S, even if a well-built website can demonstrate just how powerful the platform can be.

Source: PC Advisor

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