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Microsoft hosting ‘Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’ meetings this week

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While 4J Studios continues work on the upcoming Xbox One version of Minecraft, Microsoft Studios’ Roger Carpenter revealed on Feb 26 that Microsoft is holding multiple meetings across the country this week to internally discuss the next-gen edition of the popular sandbox title coming to the Xbox One.

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Carpenter, who has now served as lead producer for Minecraft on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, announced to fans that the Microsoft Minecraft meetings have taken place this week at Microsoft headquarters located in Redmond as well as in Los Angeles offices. It was revealed that the future of both Xbox editions of Minecraft is being discussed and Carpenter hopes that the details can be released publically soon.

In the US this week, lots of Minecraft: Xbox Live Arcdade and Minecraft: Xbox One meetings, hoping we can talk about some of that soon! We think you'll like.

The next-gen versions of Minecraft, coming to both the Xbox One and PS4, will allow for much larger world sizes than what is currently possible with current console editions of the game. Both future releases were originally planned to launch with the new consoles but were ultimately pushed back so that 4J Studios could focus on getting Minecraft: PS3 Edition out.

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