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Microsoft files for patent on MOGA-style controller

Microsoft has applied for a patent on a MOGA-style controller.
Microsoft has applied for a patent on a MOGA-style controller.
wmp - Wikimedia Commons

While Windows 8 tablets, and Windows Phone 8 phones have taken a while to catch on like the iPhone, iPad and Google’s Android devices, Microsoft are now making some headway when it comes to catching up. The Washington-based company's latest patent application may well please gamers who use Microsoft’s platforms. On July 27 popular tech blog, WMpoweruser uncovered a new patent filed by the tech giant for a MOGA-style controller.

MOGA controllers have become incredibly popular in the world of mobile gaming. The controllers bring console-type peripherals to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The controllers simply connect to the tablet or phone via Bluetooth, and they clip onto the device so that it feels like you are holding an XBOX or PlayStation style controller.

Surprisingly there are no third party MOGA-type controllers available for either Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 because third-party developers are still trying to gauge if the platforms will be successful, but with high quality games available on both platforms, it only makes sense for Microsoft to kick start development.

The abstract that goes along with the patent does not make any novel claims, and does not suggest that Microsoft will be trying to re-invent the wheel with their in-house creation, they are simply trying to bring the one of the hottest peripherals to their mobile platforms.

The abstract from Microsoft states, ‘A set of reconfigurable clip-on modules for mobile computing devices includes two or more modules and at least one of the modules has an input button or other control and at least one of the modules can communicate with the computing device without needing to be connected to it via a wire. The input button is mapped to a user input in a program, such as a game, which is running or displayed on the computing device to which the modules are clipped’.

There is no doubt that this patent application will please fans of Windows 8 tablets, and the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. Users of Windows Phone have generally been left out when it comes to third party devices such as MOGA controllers, and Microsoft is often left to lead the way to show manufacturers that these types of accessories can be popular on their platforms. There is of course no release date for this device, nor any guarantee that Microsoft will put such an accessory into production, but the patent application does at least show that MS is looking to the future with their platforms.

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