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Microsoft execs debunk Xbox One, 'Star Wars 1313' rumors

Microsoft buying PS3's to upgrade gamers to Xbox One
Microsoft buying PS3's to upgrade gamers to Xbox One

Microsoft is busy shutting down the ol' rumor mill these days. Chief of Staff for Devices and Studios Group at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg responded to one that the company would be slashing the price of their brand new Xbox One console to $399. The inquiry came via Twitter, as did the response. "No," tweeted Greenberg, "you cannot believe everything you read on the internet." The rumor was sourced from a thread on NeoGAF which claimed to leak Microsoft's plan to launch a white Xbox One, release "Halo 5" in 2015, a "Halo 2" anniversary edition for this year, and a "Crackdown 3" announcement for E3 2014. If gamers cannot believe everything they read, perhaps parts aren’t out of the question. Microsoft is offering PlayStation 3 owners $100 towards a new Xbox One if they trade in their PS3 at one of Microsoft’s retail locations which brings the price down to $399.

Franchise reboot "Star Wars 1313" is as neglected as it is anticipated. Since it was announced at E3 2012, screenshots and teasers of the game have been swirling around the Internet, however, when Disney shut down LucasArts (the studio developing the title) last April and then rid itself of the trademark last month, the game's future looked bleak. It would seem, however, some fans remain hopeful for the game which would appear to star franchise-favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. When asked yesterday on Twitter if consumers may expect "Star Wars 1313" to be an Xbox One exclusive, another Microsoft Studios executive Phil Spencer replied, "[Probably] not. [I'm] sure Disney have their own plans for [Star Wars]." Is this news comforting to those desperately hoping "1313" will see the light of day? No. Last year, Disney and Electronic Arts sign a ten year agreement making the latter exclusive creative lead on all "Star Wars" titles across multiple platforms. The publisher has already put out "Star Wars: Battlefront," developed by DICE ("Battlefield”).

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