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Microsoft: Every Kinect we make we sell

Kinect doesn't spend much time in warehouses or storeshelves according to Microsoft.
Kinect doesn't spend much time in warehouses or storeshelves according to Microsoft.

Earlier we reported that Microsoft had announced that Kinect had surpassed an impressive 8 million units sold in the two months since it launched. Some may wonder if this is the classic "shipped vs sold" argument but Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg put that question to rest.

In response to a Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski asking if the 8 million number was shipped or sold, Greenburg said via Twitter that, "We have no channel inventory, so essentially the same #....every Kinect we make we sell."

At the end of February, Sony reported that they had shipped 4.1 million Playstation Move units to retail stores. An impressive number for the PS3 motion controller but that doesn't give us a clear picture of how many Moves are actually in homes around the world. Sony did not release any Move sales information today as part of their CES presentation.

With NPD now being more selective about sales numbers we have to depend on the console manufacturers to release sales information on accessories or industry analysts to share that information with us.

Update: Bloomber Tech Report Dina Bass got a clarification on the numbers from Microsoft by tweeting that, "Microsoft has clarified to me that the 8 million KInect number is sell in, or how many were shipped to retailers. Not sell thru." Microsoft told her that it "far surpassed" the previous 5 million sold thru but wouldn't give exact numbers. How close Greenberg's "essentially the same #" statement is to reality is currently unclear but Bass points to his statement as evidence that "pretty much all of them have been sold thru."


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