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Microsoft encourages Canadian youth to take internet safety seriously

New Public Service Announcement warns children about internet safety.
New Public Service Announcement warns children about internet safety.
Photographer: Arvind Balaraman

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada will have their prize winning contest entries featured in a Public Service Announcement warning Canadian youth about the dangers of surfing the Internet.  The campaign, created as part the CanTech Digital Arts Contest sponsored by Microsoft Canada, will run short vignettes warning kids about cyberbullying, sharing personal information and stranger danger.  

Inspiration for the contest came from an Internet safety study conducted by Microsoft Canada and Youthography.  The Public Service Announcements target pre-teens and teens across Canada to raise awareness about the hidden risks of an online presence. 

“Our Internet safety research has traditionally focused on both parents and children but we decided to focus exclusively on children and dig deeper into their online behaviours," said Gavin Thompson, Director of Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft Canada in a press release issued yesterday. "The survey yielded valuable insights and we felt it was important to disseminate that information in the most authentic manner possible – by having kids speak to kids about how they see Internet safety.”

First place winners Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club in Toronto, Ontario in the under 12 category and Boys and Girls Club of Botwood in Newfoundland in the over 13 category won an Xbox 360 console and video games for their respective Boys and Girls Club.

“We appreciate the leadership Microsoft Canada has shown in educating Canadians about the importance of Internet safety," said Pam Joliffe, President and CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Canada.  "This partnership is connecting with Canadian youth in an innovative way on this issue and we’re extremely proud of the videos the young people from our Clubs created.”