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Microsoft 'Clippy' hailed as ideal Clippers' mascot for Ballmer's new team

Will Clippy be the new Clippers mascot?
Common use/ Screenprint/Twitter

On Thursday, Clippy, a commercial graphic design icon, was a slam dunk as a new team mascot amid preliminary reports that Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, had offered $2 billion to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. Clippy, already the anthropomorphic paperclip mascot designed for Microsoft Word and Office, is the mascot of choice for Twitter members.

Although Clippy isn't as well known as the infamous smiley face, it has made its mark, and now it may be embraced by the sports crowd. The tie-in of "Clippy" to "Clippers" seemed an irresistible natural to the Twitter crowd. They were voting with their tweets and images of the graphic clip, with a lot of hilarity as they made it up as they went along.

Since then, according to a Washington Post report this morning, Ballmer waltzed from a meeting with Shelly Sterling as the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, but $2 billion poorer. Only hours ago, the news publication reported Shelly, the wife of Donald Sterling, had accepted Ballmer's bid.

In order to clear the way for the sale of the team, it was necessary that Donald Sterling be declared mentally incompetent to make decisions for the team. Once the trustees of the business voted to do so, Shelly Sterling was able to wheel and deal.

With the sale, it is a possibility that the Sterlings can move past Donald's scandal and the Clippers will be able to move on as well, under a new owner. It is reported that Magic Johnson, who was also weighing the possibility of buying the team, is very pleased with the idea of a sale to Ballmer.

About Ballmer, The Washington Post mused, that "if Forbes ever does a list of the world’s kookiest billionaires, he’s a shoo-in for the top five." Is he "kookie" enough to team up with Microsoft and push Clippy as a new team mascot once he is cleared as a new owner? Perhaps it depends upon whether Clippy can be graphically enhanced, and redesigned as a Clippy that can "alley oop."

Who knows, but in the meantime the furor for "Clippy" is not dying down. News of the sale seems to have ramped it up, if anything. A recent Twitter member must have heard too many Clippy jokes. In response, he quipped, "BREAKING: President Obama to address nation and call for an end to Steve Ballmer Clippy jokes."

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