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Microsoft Build 2014 rumors whisper Nokia Lumia 630 launch, no Lumia 930

The Microsoft Build 2014 conference is expected to reveal the Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone
The Microsoft Build 2014 conference is expected to reveal the Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone

Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference kicks off in sunny San Francisco on April 2 and rumors suggest that the upcoming Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone (codename: "Moneypenny") will be unveiled this week. Ahead of its official reveal, the Lumia 630’s specs surfaced online along with photos. Leaked footage also shows the device running Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 mobile OS update.

As NDTV reports (March 31), two video leaks popped up online offering a sneak peek of what to expect with the Windows Phone 8.1 update and the Nokia Lumia 630 phone. Microsoft and Nokia were first expected to launch the Lumia 630 along with a sibling Windows Phone 8.1 phone, the Lumia 930 (codename: Martini) at Build 2014. New rumors suggest that the Nokia Lumia 630 could fly solo at the Build Developer Conference this week and that the Lumia 930 is now slated for an April 8 reveal.

Complementing the launch date whispers are video leaks of the Lumia 630 sporting the new Windows Phone 8.1 software. One video demos ‘Action Center’, the new pull-down notification bar feature rumored for WP8.1, the phone’s dialer and keypad.

Another video demos the parallax effect on the Live Tile display and how it merges with the background wallpaper. The chosen Start Screen wallpaper remains visible to the user through the tiles while scrolling up or down on the device's screen.

Alleged specs of the Lumia 630 include a 4.5-inch display, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB RAM and a 5MP camera (no flash or physical shutter key). The Lumia 930 is expected to be the international version of the Nokia Lumia Icon (Lumia 929) and features similar specs including a 5-inch Full HD display 1080p display, a quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2GB RAM.

Another device expected to tote the new Windows Phone 8.1 mobile software along with the Lumia 630 and 930 is Verizon’s Samsung ATIV SE. Despite previous suggestions, the Verge reports that unnamed sources said that the ATIV SE will not hit retail with stock Windows Phone 8.1 fresh out of the box. Instead, the new software will be pushed to the Windows Phone device via a Verizon over-the-air update.

According to WP Central, retail availability of new Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones is rumored to begin on April 23. The Microsoft Build 2014 Conference takes place April 2-4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

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