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Microsoft announces Xbox Live members on Xbox One now have access to ReddX

Ready for ReddX?
Ready for ReddX?
Permission to use photo given by Microsoft

The Xbox One is a platform that continues to evolve more and more as the system grows. The types of apps it is featuring on the system is certainly one of the areas that Microsoft has been focused on moving forward as each day has passed. Today, Microsoft has announced that they are teaming up with Reddit to bring ReddX to Xbox One.

In an announcement sent to, ReddX is now available on the Xbox One, and also joining the system will be the MTV app. Microsoft says they are excited about the possibilities ReddX will bring to the Xbox One, especially when you think about the "intensely" passionate communities both Xbox and Reddit have.

It sounds like ReddX will be compatible in the Xbox One's snap feature, allowing people to browse the app while playing a game or using another app. Microsoft has stated that people will be able to "unlock unique media achievements," and you can expect familiar Internet memes to be worked into the achievements' names.

ReddX will have a slew of similar features to what people are use to when they go on Reddit's home website. Those who will be able to use the service are Xbox Live members in the United States or Canada, and people can create their own homepage. All subreddits will be available for people to browse through.

Xbox Live members will also be able to peruse text, plus glance at pictures, footage and of course, GIFs. A zoom-in and zoom-out feature has been implemented for people to be able to use when glancing at photos and text.

In case you were wondering, the upvote and downvote function is available on ReddX. It wouldn't be right if that feature wasn't implemented. To upvote or downvote, it sounds like the Xbox One's controller, a media remote or Xbox's SmartGlass on your mobile device will all serve as means to execute an upvote or downvote.

Finally, ReddX will be giving users the power to save an awesome photo they've found to their profile or even go as far as to utilize it as their backgrounds for the ReddX app. ReddX is now available on the Xbox One for all Xbox Live members in the U.S. and Canada.

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