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Microsoft announces retail pricing details for Office 2010.

Are you ready, kids? Are you feeling all tingly or is that just you coming down from all of the recently released Google Nexus One, news? Seems that Microsoft has announced more information about the upcoming Office 2010 productivity suite.

So what do you need to know?

  • Office Home and Student will be available in a Family Pack (usage on up to 3 PCs)
  • Purchase rights for Office Home & Business, Professional and Professional Academic allow for 2 PCs.
  • The Product key card is valid for a single installation

Pricing, anyone?

  • Office Home & Student: $149 (boxed); $119 (Single PC)
  • Office Home and Business: $279 (boxed); $199 (Single PC)
  • Office Professional: $499 (boxed); $349 (Single PC)
  • Office Professional Academic $99 (boxed)

Contents, anyone?

  • Home and Student (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote)
  • Home and Business (Home and Student + Outlook)
  • Professional (Home and Business + Publisher + Access)
  • Professional Academic (same as Professional)

Release Date, anyone? Looks to be sometime mid-year

For more information about Office 2010, visit their engineering blog.