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Microsoft announces new MVP awardees...


  • Punkaj Raj 6 years ago

    Why wasn't the Zune HD advertised to the public through ads but through

  • Marques Lyons 6 years ago

    Hey, Punkaj -

    It would appear that Zune was going for a more grassroots approach to the Zune --- get it out by word of mouth and internet advertising. I think their focus isn't so much on the Zune HD as it is on the software+services.

    The software is already in 2 of the three screens that Microsoft harps about: PC and TV. Now they just have to do something about mobile (maybe beyond the Zune HD) and then you'll be able to have your content anywhere you wish. I think that's the direction this is all going.

    But it's a really good question and one that I hear quite often.

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