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Microsoft announces new MVP awardees...

Today is not only the first day of 2010, but it's also the day that several individuals around the world, wake up to see an email from Microsoft. That email states that they have been awarded (or re-awarded), the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award. This award is to recognize their community contributions over the past year; specifically in helping others get the most out of Microsoft technologies (like Office, Zune, XBOX 360, Sharepoint, Home Server, etc).

There are only roughly 4000 MVPs throughout the world, so having the honor is a high achievement. With the award comes the chance for early beta-testing, being able to submit direct feedback to the various product teams and attending events like the 2010 MVP Global Summit, which takes place at Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington from February 16 - 19, 2010.

I have the honor of being a Microsoft MVP for their Zune technology (so if you have any questions about the Zune brand, device, software, whatever) feel free to ask me.

Many congratulations to everyone who has been awarded an MVP award today. Keep up the fantastic work. The community (and Microsoft) thanks you!


  • Punkaj Raj 4 years ago

    Why wasn't the Zune HD advertised to the public through ads but through

  • Marques Lyons 4 years ago

    Hey, Punkaj -

    It would appear that Zune was going for a more grassroots approach to the Zune --- get it out by word of mouth and internet advertising. I think their focus isn't so much on the Zune HD as it is on the software+services.

    The software is already in 2 of the three screens that Microsoft harps about: PC and TV. Now they just have to do something about mobile (maybe beyond the Zune HD) and then you'll be able to have your content anywhere you wish. I think that's the direction this is all going.

    But it's a really good question and one that I hear quite often.


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