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Microsoft announces 12-inch Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft Press Release Kit

Today May 20, Microsoft took the stage to show the world the next version of it's Surface tablet line, the Surface Pro 3. While many were expecting Microsoft to release a smaller version of their tablet, they instead went the other way and introduced a 12-inch version of the Windows 8.1 powered slate.

The new Surface Pro 3 is thinnest Intel Core PC ever released, and it is also the lightest Intel Core powered PC ever made. The Surface Pro 3 features a beautiful 12-inch high-definition display, with an eye-popping resolution of 2160x1440. This new display offers 6 percent more viewing area than the 13-inch Apple Macbook Air, while also being much lighter. The Surface Pro 3 weighs in at just 800g (1.76lbs) compared to the 3lb weight of the Macbook Air, and the Surface Pro 3 is just 9.1mm thick.

At its heart you will find an Intel Core processors with a revolutionary new fan that has been designed to make the tablet completely cool to the touch and noise free. Microsoft's Panos Panay bragged that the new Surface Pro 3 is ''the device to end all confusion between laptops and tablets''.

There is no doubt that Microsoft are really pushing the boundaries between laptop and tablets, and the Surface Pro 3 is most definitely heading in the right direction simply because the Pro 3 is as thin and light as a tablet, but as powerful as a laptop, in fact the i7 powered Pro 3 is powerful enough to run Photoshop without even breaking into a sweat, but will consumers find that a 12-inch tablet is a little too much?

There are many other new features on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The built-in kickstand now allows the tablet to sit at an almost flat angle of 150 degrees, the TypeCover keyboard has been improved with a trackpad that is 68 percent larger than the one found in last years model, and the battery has also been improved and will last 20-25 percent longer than the battery in the Surface Pro 2. Consumers will find a USB 3.0 port on the side, and the ability to support 4K displays. The Surface Pro 3 also ships with a new pen that according to Microsoft weighs about the same as a regular ink pen, and will not only allow you to jot notes, but also complete crossword puzzles and play games. It certainly seems as if Microsoft are trying to go after some of Samsung's customers with this feature.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 goes on sale for pre-order tomorrow, and it will be available in three configurations. The entry level model of the Surface Pro 3 will come with a Core i3 processor and will cost just $799.

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