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Microsoft announced $50 Xbox One price cut in UK; No other markets thus far

What do you make of the Xbox One price cuts?
What do you make of the Xbox One price cuts?
Major Nelson via

The first hat has seemingly dropped in the next-gen console war, as Microsoft has announced it will be cutting the price of the Xbox One in the United Kingdom region by 30 pounds, or nearly $50, according to a report today from VG 24/7.

Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle announced the price cuts, which will kick off Friday, in a press release obtained by VG 24/7, and while supplies last the bundle will not only include the console, controller, Kinect, chat headset and one month of Xbox Live Gold, but will also include a copy of the much-anticipated Microsoft exclusive Titanfall.

According to the report, Eagle also confirmed that the Xbox One price cut would only extend to the UK region, that no other market the Xbox One is in will have a reduced price console.

In an interview with OXM, Eagle said he’s responsible for only his territory and can’t talk about other markets, but did say that the price cuts to the Xbox One offered “the best value to UK gamers.”

“There’s no announcements in other countries planned, so it’s a UK-only adjustment and we feel this is the right thing to do in our market,” Eagle said.

Eagle said the alteration is very much in sync with the upcoming release of Titanfall on March 14, saying that the price cut is “about value rather than price.”

“People buy a console to play the best games, the best games coming this year include Titanfall, and Destiny, and Watch Dogs, and if you want to play all three of those you’re going to need an Xbox One,” Eagle said.

The Xbox UK executive also said the price cut is in no way due to the next-gen console not meeting expectations in the region.

You can read that full Examiner report by clicking here.

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