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Microlab's FC60BT Subwoofer Speaker System is the ultimate Father's Day gift

 Microlab's FC60 BT Subwoofer Speaker System is the ultimate Father's Day gift
Microlab's FC60 BT Subwoofer Speaker System is the ultimate Father's Day gift

Looking for a Father’s Day gift for the special man in your life? Or perhaps a graduation gift celebrating college or high school success? Want to equip a den or office with some audio equipment that provides the hottest technology while being quintessentially cool at the same time? Then you need look no further than the latest audio wireless Subwoofer Speaker System from Microlab. The FC60BT is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or your Dad’s, or your Grad’s, every time it's turned on and you experience the crystal clear and clean audio from this impeccable system.

Since 1998 Microlab has specialized in providing the highest quality sound within a broad array of audio products. The FC60BT provides the very latest advances in audio and electronic technology from Microlab in an incredibly sexy product.

Boasting Microlab’s patented HC2D (High Clarity Close Distance) technology the unit produces a sound that completely immerses the listener in the listening experience. While the system has the capability to pump out 105 Watts of sound at full volume the system works incredibly well at all ranges replaying today’s best audio files with a listening experience that will impress the most discriminating audiophiles.

At all times the sound is crystal clear with full range and no distortion thanks, in part, to the EQ parameter that automatically balances the sound. Classical or country music, it all sounds great being played through the Microlab FC60BT.

Added to its audio quality is its functionality and convenience. Operating the system is a snap from either your smartphone via Bluetooth or the included remote via the Nearfield Communication (NFC) solution. NFC is becoming more and more prevalent and almost all Droid phones support this means of wireless communication. It is rumored that the Apple iPhone 6 will incorporate NFC technology such is its growing significance.

Even the accompanying remote provided by Microlab is cool; a small disc about three inches in diameter provides 360 degree control of the system without actually needing to point it at the subwoofer. If your smartphone is NFC enabled, just a tap of the phone on the remote that comes with the unit enables a full 360 degree remote from which the music/sound can be controlled. The remote control controls on/off, input choice (Bluetooth, NFC, or optical), volume and bass level, pause/stop and track selection.

Not only does it work with audio files; connect the Subwoofer to a DVD or BluRay player via the provided TOSLINK cable and the audio soundtrack from your favorite movies or concert videos is reproduced with a breadth and depth unusual for such a compact system.

Any bluetooth component with an audio output can be paired with the FC60BT; media players, tvs, PC or notebook and CD, DVD or BluRay players will all produce better sound when they are attached to latest microlabs' latest audio offering.

Technically the FC60BT compares favorably in the marketplace. It incorporates the latest technology to create an audio experience that is unmatched. There’s no doubt that more technical reviews will start hitting the internet soon but from a normal consumers perspective this unit’s sound is simply magnificent.

So it works great but it also looks cool. Check out the photos and see the clean, stylish lines of the big Subwoofer. The high gloss finish of the Lycosa mirrored white acrylic housing for the subwoofer is of such quality that the piece would easily be the centerpiece of any audio component display in a living room, office or den.

The speakers also look very cool. Two clear, see through stands house the 5" mid-range driver and 1" tweeter in an enclosure-less configuration. This is quite aesthetically quite unique and it also optimizes the sound because there is no speaker enclosure that can provide vibration or harmonic distortion that can impair sound quality.

The user manual that comes with the unit has a simple tag line on its front page; “just listen” and that pretty much sums it up because the set up of the system is simple beyond belief…just plug it in and have it search for your smartphone via Bluetooth and away you go.

For those of you who have Dads who love to pore over the technical data of any piece of equipment here are the specifications:

FC60BT Features:
• 2.1 subwoofer system with 2 see-through stereo satellite speakers.
• Patented HC2D Technology (High Clarity Close Distance) for crystal clear sound with full resolution range when listening at close or from a far distance.
• Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology connects to smartphones and tablets.
• NFC (Near Field Communication) function quickly connects to Android, Windows and Blackberry devices without pairing -- just tap the device on the remote control’s NFC logo for instant music.
• Powerful integrated 8-inch bass subwoofer with built-in amplifier.
• 2 stereo enclosure-less satellite SQ speakers for no harmonic distortions or vibrations.
• Digital signal processor for clear HD audio sound.
• Connects to most media players with included stereo 3.5mm jack.
• 360 degree RF remote control for Bluetooth, NFC, track, input, volume, and bass controls that works from any angle in the room.
• 1-inch tweeter and 5-inch midrange set up in tandem for perfectly clear sound.
• EQ parameter for automatically balanced sound.
• Amplifier output: 105 Watt RMS.
• Tweeter: 6 Ohm, Midrange: 8 Ohm.

If your Dad is used to getting ties for Father's Day you might want to think about getting him the microlab FC60BT. This superb, sexy subwoofer speaker system is the ultimate gift for the ultimate father. He'll love it and you will too!

The HC60BT is available in the United States by contacting microlab's exclusive distributor, Ma Labs.

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