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Micro Chip for safe return

This last week we saw the heartwarming story of Sassy a Beagle missing for over a year from her owners and found to be reunited by a Beagle rescue. This story could have a happier ending several months before if the Shelter where Sassy was first entered into the system or if the people along the way had been checking for ownership. Sassy has a microchip for identity when lost.

Many of us use this kind of safeguard for our pets. And they are not expensive or difficult to check. So why is this more the norm then the unusual. Many shelters do not have a chip reader and many never consider the checking for a chip in the first place. Our pets are so precious to us and they are members of our family, so having this safeguard in place only seems natural.

However, all is lost if the shelter does not check to see if the chip is there and then trace the owner. We as pet owners need to make our local shelters aware of the need for them to begin checking every animal if they are not. If they are, we should be able to see the records of every pet we see their. When getting a pet from the shelter (which by the way is the most responsible way to adopt) ask to see the records for identity chips.

There is little cost and most owners will be happy to pay a reasonable price to have their family member back. No animal should ever be euthanized with a chip check, which will only take a few minutes and will prevent any family pet from being put down uselessly. If you pet has not been micro chipped have it done today. The piece of mind is worth a few dollars and our pet is worth it.

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